you're such a perfect mess

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

i have officially shifted.

12:16 AM


Saturday, September 02, 2006

i'm a disappointment to khai
my mom
my dad



11:16 PM


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

first day of work yesterday was erm... i think i did badly?
but on the other hand i think i did great because that's my first F&B job everrr.

and i think the kitchen staff are kinda hostile.
roy was my "only friend" yesterday haha fucking pathetic.
but i'd say he's a really friendly and thoughtful guy.

i finally saw nash yesterday and omg i think he looks like a damn bollywood actor hahahah!

i'm gonna do opening again on thursday and closing on weekends night.
they say weekend nights are killer.
and i'm fucking nervous because i'm still a newbie after alllllllllll!

pictures update soon! (:

to jackie and sonia: i'm working at the wheelock outlet. u guys can come visit me on friday, saturday and sunday from 6pm. i'll be there. :D

1:12 PM


Friday, August 25, 2006

say what?!

the exams are finally over and all i can say is, i screwed 3 outta 4 papers.
fantastic job.
and today's paper was fab cos i finished in like 30mins time and was the first to leave.

met khai for lunch at nydc.
speaking of which, i'm gonna be starting work next tuesday.
i'm very nervous, really.
and i hope nash will be as nice to me as khai.
i suspect nash is gay. HA.


we walked around alot today.
from suntec to arab to suntec and finally to promenade.

and how come arab doesn't sell buttons?!
i wanna get buttons!

and why their fabrics so expensive?!

i'm going chinatown (my motherland, says khai) to get both buttons AND fabric.

2 hours ago while i was on the way home with khai, i was really stressed up and upset about certain issues.
and after talking to alex and bitching with eric about it, i feel really relieved and darn happy!

i'm glad eric has the same opinion as me.
we're not your damn dogs. speak to us with respect.

1:24 AM


Saturday, August 19, 2006

khai's gonna knock off in 14 minutes time.
he's really enjoying himself at work since the supervisor is like his best friend there.

i miss listening to The Used.
they're wayyyyyy dope (:

ahh i'm damn sad perfect10 is starting to play songs from Muse and Snow Patrol and Panic! ):
i don't want them to become so mainstream. eek.


i was just going through some really old photos....

10:48 PM


Thursday, August 17, 2006

2nd paper's tmr!
another week of mugging before some fun-filled post exams activities. haha.
khai and i have already planned where we're gonna go right after my papers.

and of cos, i gotta meet up with the girlsssss because both of them are damn august babies.
you girls know i love you right?!

ok i gotta go do some past year papers right nowwwwww.
and last night while i was chionging 2 papers, i found out chemical engineering ain't that bad after all!
i'm beginning to love it and that's very good news cos the paper's tmr (:

ok larh. bye larh.

6:26 PM


Sunday, August 13, 2006

why is it so hard for you to just open your damn mouth to say it?
i don't get it...

sometimes i'm really tired of waiting and whatever stuff i have been tired of.

my exams are in 3 fucking days time, and for the past week, i haven't really been studying cos i really have no mood to.
my attention span's like damn short.
and when i say short, i mean 30 to 40 mins.

geez, i've never been like that before.
i used to really really mug my fat ass off the week before the papers.

and now i'm only gonna start work at nydc after the exams.

i wanna go NZ and japan next yearrrrrrr!
but seriously, i'm more excited about going to japan because it's cheaper and it's only 2 weeks.

if i EVER go to NZ with cindy, we'll be there for 2 whole months!
ok i'm not the kinda person who'd be homesick or whatsoever (i think), but 2 months away from home is really... too long!
i can't be away from my boy for 2 entire months. i'll just die.
and cindy isn't exactly the kinda person to spend your 2 months in a foreign country with.
bahhhh, geraldine's flying off to kanazawa after the exams. -pouts
nevermind, keat and i will go next year. haha.

you know, exams+cramps=a very fucked up day.

sometimes i wonder if i'm being too sensitive, petty and totally not being understanding.

5:05 PM